Why Staging Your Home Makes All the Difference

Posted by Jeremy Russell on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 at 10:08am.

You may have heard staging your home will help sell it faster, but did you know it could also raise the sales price or possibly force a multiple offer situation? It’s hard to think of a house as a product, but in order to sell quicker, thinking of it as a product rather than a home will help you accomplish your goal of selling.

The Greenville housing market is hot, and while inventory is low (great for Sellers) it doesn’t mean de-cluttering and general house maintenance should fall by the waist side. To sell quickly and for top dollar follow these few simple rules:

  1. CARPETS. Most carpets need to be cleaned. Having them professionally cleaned is a worthwhile investment. Not only will it remove stains, but it can eliminate any odors that may be residing in the fibers.
  2. LIGHTING. Check all lights and ensure they are working properly. Replace burnt out bulbs. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day to let in natural light.
  3. TLC. Show your walls and ceilings some love. Fill cracks and holes. Repaint for a fresh look. Clean, repair or replace broken light switches and plates.
  4. DECLUTTER. Reduce the number of decorative couch pillows. Remove throw blankets, and valuables. Pack up collections (don’t worry, you’ll be able to display them soon in your new home.) Remove additional dining room chairs, family photos, and any unnecessary appliances on the kitchen counters.
  5. CLEAN. Give your home a good scrub. Clean all windows, inside and out. Trim houseplants, or remove completely. Clean tile grout with bleach. Clean or replace shower curtains. Be aware of aromas. Excessive cooking, pets, babies and laundry can cause unpleasant odors. You can’t sell it, if you can smell it!
  6. CURB APPEAL. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, if not more important! The front of your house is your potential buyer’s first impression, it should be welcoming and well maintained. Cut back overgrown shrubs, move children’s toys to the backyard and sweep paved driveways and porches.
  7. BACKYARD AND STORAGE. Repair damaged fencing and repaint if necessary. Remove tools, piles of lumber and auto parts from the backyard. Pressure wash decks and porches should they need some TLC. Move boats, RV’s and Trailers to a storage facility or a neighbor’s house. 

Below are some examples of how staging can make all the difference:

Staged vs. Non Staged
Photo Courtesy of: Modern Reston

“The way you live in your home and the way we sell your house are two different things!”

-Barb Schwartz, The Creator of Home Staging

As you work through these steps to get your home ready to sell, remember…

➔ You’re increasing the chances of a quick sale.

➔You’re getting a head start on packing.

➔A staged home will help justify your pricing.

➔It puts your house above competing homes for sale.

➔Buyers are left with a great first impression.

➔A “Must-See” home will bring more traffic.

Staged Home 
Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest.com

 Lastly, these are simply guidelines to follow, not every house will require each of the above steps, some may need less work, while others may need more. To determine your best use of time, money and energy, contact an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), like Jeremy Russell.

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