Making a House a Home

Posted by Jeremy Russell on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 8:59am.

What Makes a House a Home?


It’s the memories, love, accomplishments, and growth, that happen every day throughout the years. Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment as you are handed the keys to your first home. Envision the numerous giggles at the family dinner table surrounded by those you love the most. Hear the jokes and taunts of friends in the backyard gathered for barbecues. Home is where memories are made, holidays are celebrated, and families grow.

The home buying and selling process, however, can seem daunting. Where do you begin? What happens if the house you love goes under contract? What do you do with all the paperwork? How do people even find homes for sale? If you’re asking these questions and many others, we would love to help.

Real Estate Paperwork

Having a buyers agents is no extra charge to the buyer! That means you receive expert advice without any additional fees, making your dream home more achievable! Even if you’re looking at a brand new construction home, having your own buyers agent gives you an advocate in your corner to help through the entire home buying process start to finish.  

Or if you’re looking to sell your house and are simply curious about what a sellers agent brings to the table and why you should have one. Hiring a sellers agent means no hassle of paying to get your house on the market, no frustrating and confusing paperwork. It means having an advocate on your side to help you negotiate the best deal for you.

Home, South Carolina

Whether you’re at the buying for the first time, or selling to buy your next house, going from a house to a home can be a challenge. ScienceDaily breaks the difference of house vs home down as “shelter and protection from the elements” and “a personal haven for comfort [and] security.” Now that you’ve settled on a property, begin to add your personal touches. Add items that bring to mind memories, whether that is tokens from trips, picture frames, or books. Decorate with cozy touches that are inviting, such as blankets and throw pillows on couches. Embrace the natural light and sunshine as much as possible to avoid feeling gloomy. Invoke memories and feelings through the sense of smell with fragrant candles, plants, and other aromas.

So regardless of if you are a first time homebuyer, looking for a larger home that can grow with your family, or looking to downsize, there is a right home out there just for you! Each stage in life brings about wonderful moments to make memories, incredible opportunities to make your house your home. As puts it, home is cozy, home is lived in, home is comfort, home is celebrating the mess because mess means you have loved ones among you!

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