Design Tips

Posted by Jeremy Russell on Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 9:32am.

Design Tips


Decorating by adding your own unique personal touches is a great way to make you house feel more "homey". Get some new design ideas by reading our list of 12 tips below. Or if you have a style trick that you've found you really enjoy, feel free to share it with us!

Tip No. 1

“Create an intimate spot within a larger room. Try tucking a small card table in an empty corner along with an elegant chair. Don’t forget to think about how you want to utilize the space. It can be easy to overlook the fact that we are not always hosting parties. You can use the space for reading, resting or even a cozy cup of tea.”

Tip No. 2

“Choosing a color scheme for a small room is a perfect opportunity to be fearless. Where large rooms require more labor and money, the commitment in a small room is minimal. So go ahead: Pick a color that you really like, and go for it. If you want to accentuate a room’s coziness, opt for rich, saturated hues.”

Tip No. 3

“Whether in modern condo spaces, newly built homes, or renovations to character houses, open concept seems to be the layout du jour. Mess and clutter feels magnified, inescapable. Having some closed-door storage is a good option for those who can’t live a minimalist life, and smaller sized furniture won’t take over your space. In grand lofts with soaring ceilings, don’t be afraid to go vertical.”

Tip No. 4

“Creating illusions for the eye can do great things for design. Most of us don’t have the grand shower spaces shown in magazines, but extending shower tile all the way to the ceiling lifts a space and makes it feel larger. The great thing about this trick is that it works in any size bathroom, large or small.”

Tip No. 5

“It takes many layers to make a house a home. In creating a beautiful space, the last layer of accessorizing is the most critical but also the most difficult to execute correctly. The goal when accessorizing is to give the space its own unique personality that nevertheless looks effortless and complements the interior. If you do not have a collection to display, try placing together objects that have something in common, such as color, texture, or theme.”

Tip No. 6

“The main goal of using color is to give a room a new look. Turning away from the neutral palette is a great way to add spirit to a space and give things their own personality. A common concern is that dark paint will bring the walls in, but dark colors recede: a saturated dark to medium hue actually makes the room look larger. Paint the ceiling white to create light and lift.”

Tip No. 7

“Small dining room? No need to worry! With a small dining room, it is vital to maximize the use of space. An extension table offers flexibility for a larger family. Because armchairs take up more space, armless chairs work best. Transparent furniture pieces, such as a glass-front china cabinet, will have your interior spaces looking larger and brighter in no time.”

Tip No. 8

“Modern features and appliances combine with the vintage character of your home to create a look with richness and depth. Juxtaposing contemporary finishes like granite with old-world architectural elements like exposed brick brings warmth to modern design. Transcend time periods while avoiding a style cliche by mixing different styles of antiques and vintage.”

Tip No. 9

“White is never boring. As weddings prove over and over, it is a very dramatic color. People think of it as cold because they believe a white room must be neat and uniform with chairs perfectly aligned, but use of fluffy cushions and distressed finished captures the airy feeling without sacrificing warmth. White can also be cozy, when paired with wood or a painted accent wall.”

Tip No. 10

“Short on kitchen storage? Make sure to use all available space. A good look at your kitchen will reveal space on walls and ceilings. Use it! Put up receptacles and racks for utensils and cookware. Properly arranged and installed, they will add to the value of your kitchen and make it prettier.”

Tip No. 11

“The patina of wood floors can confer instant richness and warmth on a home. As with all design elements, however, styles change: wood flooring colors get darker or lighter; planks get narrower or wider; even grain patterns are subject to swings in popularity. Focus on selecting wood flooring with characteristics you can live with for years to come.”

Tip No. 12

“Determining the proper placement of artwork on your walls can be daunting. Whether you’re hanging one large piece or a group of small ones, hang the artwork so that the center of the piece or group is approximately at eye level. A tightly grouped even number of pieces works well to balance out a wide space or high wall.”



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