Back To School — Homework Reminder For Homeowners

Posted by Jeremy Russell on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 9:26am.

Not many like, or want homework. The American Society of Home Inspectors recommends that as children receive their homework, homeowners should do their own homework on their homes. Simply remember these “Three R’s” to maintain your home to it’s best condition.


Look around for things that need to be replaced. Examine loose caulking on frames and seals and worn down weather stripping. Check the electrical outlets and cords. If there is a questionable cord, don’t risk it, toss it and replace with new. Keep your home fresh and safe by replacing air filters and batteries in smoke detectors.


After a busy summer, take the time to repair things that may be broken. Head up to the roof to repair any damaged shingles to avoid leaks and water damage. Look over your drive and walkways for cracks. Fill in low spots around your foundation as the home settles. Check the exterior walls of the home for cracks and be sure to repair before the weather gets cool.


The easiest projects involve removing and refreshing things around the home. Clean out the gutters to prevent damage. Sweep out the chimney of your fireplace to prepare for cozy fall fires. Remove dead limbs or trees and prune those that are close to the house.

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