October 2017

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Housing Market Update

Greenville and the surrounding Upstate cities have continually been on the rise. As we head into the winter months, we are looking forward to helping more individuals buy and sell homes! There are many advantages to selling in the "off season". By choosing to list your home during fall and winter, you face less competition with other sellers, giving your home the potential to be seen by more buyers! When you list your home during the "off season", you can expect to come in contact with more serious buyers. With fewer transactions taking place, attorneys, lenders, and inspectors, might have the ability to turn transactions around faster - meaning shorter closing times for all parties! Mortgage rates are low at the moment,

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What Makes a House a Home?


It’s the memories, love, accomplishments, and growth, that happen every day throughout the years. Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment as you are handed the keys to your first home. Envision the numerous giggles at the family dinner table surrounded by those you love the most. Hear the jokes and taunts of friends in the backyard gathered for barbecues. Home is where memories are made, holidays are celebrated, and families grow.

The home buying and selling process, however, can seem daunting. Where do you begin? What happens if the house you love goes under contract? What do you do with all the paperwork? How do people even find homes for sale? If you’re asking these questions and many others, we would love to

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